Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Don't Love Raymond...You?

The other day I was lying in bed waiting for more news of celebrity deaths, when an advert for "Grey's Anatomy" flipped past on the screen and it suddenly occured to me: I have never watched that show. Ever.

So why, I asked myself as I flipped through the stations? Why had I thrown The Anatomy to the curb so?

It wasn't because I had made some concerted effort to ignore the show. I hadn't developed a distaste for any of the actors that appeared on it (well, that's not entirely true. Katherine Heigl does give me the hives but for reasons un-Grey's-related). I had heard great things even.

So why?

And then I thought about it. I went deep, Interweb. And then it occured to me: I will go to the grave never having watched a single episode of many, many shows, Grey's among them. Everybody Loves Raymond, Head of the Class, Moesha, Quantum Leap, Full House, House, Third Watch, Knight Rider, almost everything on Fox except the short, the list is long.

And you know what? It's okay. And in fact, I'm kinda proud.

How about you? What are your TV/Pop Culture gaps?

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  1. Well, I go out of my to watch greys every week. I track down the closest person i know if im running late to watch it, So watch out on thursday nights at 9 cuz I may show up at your door and kick Tim out of his man room and you can watch Greys with me! LOL