Thursday, November 5, 2009

40 Things I've Learned in 40 Years

My 40th year on the planet has brought on a lot of contemplation (and a lot of wine took me ten tries to correctly spell "contemplation"). Some deep thoughts have emerged, some not so. I would like to share a few with you in the coming weeks:

1/ It's okay to be wrong.

2/ Despite what you will be promised, you can never wear that bridesmaid dress. Never.

3/ If you need your glasses to read then wear them.

4/ The Terrible Twos is amongst one of the most massive misnomers in the popular Western lexicon.

5/ You always feel better after a cry.

6/ It's okay to feel sad after you are referred to as "Ma'am" by a teenager at the supermarket.

7/ People who make the conscious choice NOT to have children are amongst the most evolved on our planet.

8/ Puking is your body doing what it does best: getting rid of shit you shouldn't have in it. (It aint' pretty but it's kinda beautiful, too, when you really think about it).

9/ The human body should and will continue to astound you, if you pay attention.

10/ Flying dreams are our sub-conscious telling us we are doing everything right.


  1. #2 - so true. Still have those dresses hanging in my closet unworn. Yet I don't have the strength to throw them out??? One actually looks like some curtains I saw once...

  2. Going through #4 right now and it lasts for the rest of their lives so I'll continue to do alot of #5!
    And Tracey, I think it's time to finally part with the maid of honour dress from my wedding, don't you think? could make some pretty curtains for Sam's room!