Tuesday, November 17, 2009


To my delight this week, I discovered that a few of my friends were Grammar Nazis. (Holla, Tracey! ) I say "delight" because I, too, have secretly been a stickler for correct grammatical usage. Heck, I even married one! And don't get him started on the incorrect usage of apostrophes. It ain't pretty!

Which got me thinking: are there any phrases in the popular lexicon that drive you insane. Here are a few of my favorites:

To be continued.....(ARGH!)

Hold on. I have a call on the other line. (Someone more important that me, I presume....)

Can you hold? (No. Don't ask!)

Can I ask you a question? (You just did.)

What's IS that?! (It's the tone with this one. The TONE!!!!!)

Relax........ (Again: tone.)

P.S. Just writing them drove me into a white hot rage. I may have to go put some food on top of this anger.......

P.P.S. My blog is featured this week at www.delightfulblogs.com. Enjoy!


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  2. Okay, yeah. Totally with Tim on the apostrophe thing. If it's plural, don't give it ownership just 'cause it has an 's' at the end. It doesn't OWN anything!!

    Also: it's and its. Sound it out people. If it doesn't make sense to say 'it is' then it's 'its'. Sheesh.

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  4. BTW, it's P.P.S. for post post scriptum, not P.S.S. which stands for Pembroke Secondary School.... at least thats what there told me.