Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tea Brain

I love tea and cannot get enough of it.

If you love it so much why don't you marry it, you ask? I would but I'm already spoken for so there. I said.

I wasn't always so uxorious where the world's most popular beverage was concerned. Growing up, I thought tea nasty: the taste was bitter, the temperature too hot to truly refresh and the time it took to get a proper cup was not commensurate with the commercial breaks for Charlie's Angels. Ah, youth.

In fact, the sound of a kettle brewing is so intermingled with my development that whenever I hear the piercing screech of one in full boil I have to overcome the urge not to scream, "Dad! Kettle!" and then sigh like a petulant teenager.

Ironically, I now drink as many cups as my father did and, like him, I also make it cup by cup. On demand, as they say in the parlance. That is, until this weekend when I discovered something astounding: my teapot. Did you know that you only have to make one teapot and then you can have all day?

Who knew? It is little revelations like these that, hopefully, will keep you reading.....

P.S. Big shout out to the new followers! Paul, Jill, Blackbird, Denise, Tracey. You keep reading and I'll keep cranking out the funny. And if you haven't joined, what the hell are you waiting for?


  1. Very amazing how the kettle's whistle interweaves with our memories - how true. Love my peppermint tea but now have a new love: green tea latte. Looking forward to having one with you perhaps on Wednesday. Happy Monday :)

  2. Laura Laura

    More please, this is almost as good as seeing you and wallowing in your humour......Thank you for all the smiles.

    Cheers fellow tea drinker......

  3. I hate fiddling around with tea pots, so I tried big latte mugs, which worked reasonably well except they were awkwardly balanced and liked to slop. Now I've found the perfect solution - those huge glass beer steins that hold about a pint. About as much as the average teapot holds, and smaller surface area then the latte mugs so much less slop-factor. Also easier to find a perch for in reach of my PC!