Friday, April 30, 2010

Kid Talk

Every Thursday morning from 9 AM until just before the lunch bell, I participate in a french language reading program at my children's school. Aside from it being a wonderfully rich and rewarding experience personally, it is also a great way for me to observe the children (my own included) in their natural habitat. Children will show you who they are if you pay close enough attention and because I am an adult, they often forget that I am even in the room about 10 seconds after my presence is acknowledged. This is when my needy, childish wounded-child side is most put out and my selfish, self-interested writer side is best served.

That's where you come in, dear reader.

Here are few excerpts from some overhead (okay, eavesdropped) conversations.

Convo #1

Girl #1: How come we have to read these books?
Girl #2: So that our parents can feel good about making us learn French all day.
Girl #1: Yeah. I thought so.

Convo #2

Boy #1: I am going to Colorado Springs next week.
Boy #2: How far is that from Florida.
Boy #1 (sagely): About 2 Nintendo Games away.
Boy #2: Right. Why are you going there?
Boy #1: My dad has a conference call. (pause) He's the President of the United States

This is the part where I butt in like an interrupting cow because I can take it no longer.

Me: So your dad's Barack Obama, huh?
Boy #1 (without missing a beat) Yup.
Me. Tell him I said, Hey.
Boy #1: I will. (pause) Does he know you?