Monday, April 5, 2010

Book of Grace

Last night at dinner, my dear friend, Jennifer, told be about a project recently embarked upon by one of my many secret girl crushes, Suzan-Lori Parks, to promote her newest play at the Public Theater in New York. In the play , The Book of Grace, the title character keeps a book of things she sees as evidence of good. The book includes newspaper clippings, photos and stories of things that remind Grace there is good in the world.

Brilliant. Idea.

Here is one that what would definitely be in mine:

Once, after a play date with one of his friends, my son asked me point blank what religion we practiced. Thomas (his best friend and a PK) and Elliot are Anglican and when Charlie's Grampa passed we went to the United Church, so what were we? I wasn't raised in the church and my husband is a lapsed Catholic, so I was stumped. What were we? Heathens? Radiohead fans? MAC- users? He was fixing me with such a soulful, earnest look that I didn't want to brush him off with a joke. What to say?

We are kind, I told him. And our religion is Kindness. And I expect you to practice it every day. For the rest of your life. Can you do that? He nodded his head and promised me he would.

That would definitely be on the first page.

What's in your Book of Grace?


  1. MAC-users - HA! That made me laugh, from a fellow Mac-head. Once you've had Mac... :D

    I think a Book of Grace is a great idea, I'm often more focused on what a mean, rotten world it can be and don't want my kids to think the same. In mine would definitely be some of the hilarious daily quotes I get from my littlest child, he is comedy gold and always puts a smile on my face no matter my mood. :)

    I think I'm going to steal the religion of "Kindness", in this town I often get looked at like I've just announced I'm a leper when I utter the words "Atheist". ;)

    Glad I know which house is yours now, don't forget to wave at the sad-looking geriatrics running past on Tues. & Thurs. :D


  2. Geriatrics, my ass!

    I will agree with you, though, that 1) being an atheist in a small town is best left quiet and 2) Delsin is comedy gold! I love your kid.

  3. Actually HippieDad, Suzan-Lori Parks has been blogging on the subject at the Public Theatre website ( Check it out..