Sunday, April 11, 2010

i Drone

Superman ~
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So it's happened. Officially. I now own a cellphone. That works. An iPhone, too, no less. I am a telephone Luddite no longer. Sigh.

The problem is that now I have been indoctrinated. Fully. How do I know? Well here are some tell-tale signs:

Have I used the iPhone to check out a band name when stumped? Check.

I have I used the term "apps" in a sentence without rolling my eyes even once? Check.

Have I thought twice before letting another adult touch said iPhone? Check.

Have I told the children flat out that they cannot touch it? Check.

Have I turned the car around after more than 10 kilometers upon realization that I have left iPhone behind?

Yes, to all of the above. See? Ruined.

Call me on my crack phone, though, okay?


  1. Have you become obsessed with keeping the screen clean?

  2. Sigh...I, too, am almost to the point of an iphone purchase as my battery on my blackberry ceases to charge. Jeremy will do a little 'in-your-face' dance as I go to the dark side of the iphone. :/

  3. Gee, I let my son play with my iPhone all the time (although that was a HUGE mistake, since that takes away time from ME being able to play with it)