Friday, October 23, 2009

The September Issue

Anna Wintour
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When Cheryl and I were in Paris, we went to see the doc, The September Issue. It is a fantastic film - though, at times, a little too reverential - that documents the coming together of the largest issue in Vogue magazine history. Riveting stuff.

This film is part doc, part profile of Anna Wintour, the mercurial editrix of the style bible, who comes off as half-way human by the filmmaker here (There is a scene in which she talks about how she is seen by members of her highly-accomplished family that will, honestly, break your heart).

The real star of the thing, though, is Grace Coddington, Vogue's artistic director and the real force behind their vision. If Wintour is the whip, Coddington is the shepard, guiding the magazine towards it's rightful place at the fore-front of modern fashion.

Get out there and view this thing. It's well worth the $8.

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