Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rickie Lee Jones

rickie lee jones
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It's raining so we're listening to Rickie Lee Jones. She is a rainy day musician.

When I was in my twenties, I went through an unbelievable rough patch: too many extra-curricular liquids and herbs, silly man choices and the like. I refer to it now as my Rickie Lee Jones period. Partly because I kept listening to this same song of hers - Night Train - over and over again, and partly because I was trying to figure how she make her voice sound like three different people in the same song. It was my first brush with the concept of range. And this lady had it in spades.

My sister, Cheryl, and I went to see her in concert a few years later and it was truly incredible. We couldn't believe how reverential the crowd was in her presence - so hushed, so quiet. She played my song and told us that she had written it in order to get over a break-up with her man . A break -up song, I thought. I was obsessed with a break-up song! How cliche I'd been.

And then she told us the man in question was Tom Waits (Tom Waits, people!!) Didn't feel so bad then, for some reason.......

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