Friday, February 12, 2010

Sexiest Songs

Al Green
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I was reading the "Buzz" section of our national newspaper this morning (which I've come to call the "ZZZZ" section as there is rarely anything buzz-worthy therein), when I came across this little tidbit out of New York. Apparently, Billboard Magazine has rated the 50 "Sexiest Songs". And geez, said cynical- moi. What do you know? Right in time for Valentine's Day. I read on, nonetheless. Big Mistake.

According to them, Olivia Newton John's, Let's Get Physical tops the list, with Rod Stewart's Tonight's the Night, Boyz II Men's, I'll Make Love to You, Next's Too Close and Marvin Gaye's, Let's Get it On, following close on its heels. After I washed the puke out of my mouth, I asked the obvious question. Did they mistake the Suckiest Songs list with the Sexiest? It would be an honest mistake. They are both "S" words, after all, right? ( I can think of another "S" word but I will refrain, intraweb.) And who the fook is Next? Did I miss this supergroup's rapid rise and descent while I was going for milk one day?

Are you kidding me, people? I can go with the Marvin Gaye choice, I suppose, although, my choice would have been Sexual Healing (I'm hot just like an oven/I need some loving......Need I say more). Where is the Al Green, for crying in the sink?

Tell me what we need to add to this here, people because my mind canNOT get past the Olivia Newton John. Ugh.

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