Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Olympic Thoughts

The following are just some random thoughts that have passed through my brain as I watch this year's Olympic telecast. Enjoy.

1. How do those women speedskaters find jeans that flatter? That is ALOT of thigh to cover.

2. Who in the HOLY HELL does Mary Carillo's hair?! They should be fired. Mary, honey, there is a reason you are on after midnight. You don't have to dig to deep...

3. Shawn White really knows what to do with his millions. A top secret half-pipe in the middle of the Colorado Rockies? Brilliant! Lex Luthor take note.

4. Who is watching all of these athlete's dogs while they are away? Do they even have pets? Can you when you train and travel as much as they do? Just wondering....

5. Which one of these speedskating dudes is going to end up dating a figure skater? 'Cause it's GONNA happen.....

6. Do the farm supply stores double up on their cowbell stock just prior to the Olympics?

7. Gone are the days of homemade skating outfits, huh?

8. Do those snowboard girls cut their own hair? And are they high right now?

9. Dick Buttons looks so sweet but sounds SO bossy. I wonder if he is.....

10. How cute is Lindsey Vonn's Olympic rings hat!? Must. Have. It. Is it too late to go downstairs and search the interweb for a knitting pattern for it? Or should I just sit here and ponder Mary Carillo's hair some more?

1 comment:

  1. Loving the cow bells comment..and the one about jeans that flatter speed skaters...great post!