Thursday, February 18, 2010

B's Movies - Avatar Edition

Avatar redux
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Me: So Benoit, what did you think of the movie, Avatar?
Benoit: Best movie I've ever seen in my life.
Me: Really? That's a pretty strong opinion. Do you want to go on record with that?
B: Yes.
Me: What do you think it's chances are come Oscar time?
B: Pretty good, I think. (Pause) Is it up against Jeff Bridges, though?
Me: (Stunned) No. How do you know about his nomination?
B: I read about it in Entertainment Weekly. They say it's the only lock so.....
Me: What else did you read in there?
B: That Christoph Waltz and MoNiq are also gonna win and that Sandra Bullock's movie sucks and why is it even nominated anyway.
Me. Is that a quote.
B: I'm just telling you what I read.

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