Friday, January 8, 2010

What Have YOU Learned from HGTV?

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During the holidays, HGTV ran a bunch of marathons of their more popular shows and like a dog nesting patiently under the dining room table, my big yap lapped up every morsel that dropped onto the carpet beneath. Sarah's House? Watched it. Pure Design? Bring it! Location, Location, Location? Watched it, watched it, watched it.

So what did I learn from ingesting all of this design porn?

1. If you want to sell a house you need to depersonalize the crap out of your home.

2. When designing a "space" you need to add personal items. In order to make it

3. Contrasting patterns are the way to go this season.

4. Contrasting patterns are sooooo 2009.

5. You can't buy a house without getting it inspected first.

6. If you wait around for a house inspection, you may lose your dream property.

7. High heeled boots are appropriate footware for the job site.

8. Inappropriate footware on the job site can lead to certain injury.

9. Kristie and Phil are NOT married. They just ACT like they are.

10. Mike Holmes. Gay or not gay? I can't decide.

Confused? Try watching it for a week.

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