Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just returned from the sunny Caribbean and my thoughts turn to one thing: sunglasses. Why, you may ask? Let me expound:

I've never worn or liked unglasses. Never. I hate having something obstructing my eyes from the sun in the warm months. Hate the sensation of plastic making its sweaty presence on my face. Except for this week.

Every time I set a book on my lap and went about the task of devouring a book I was stymied. I couldn't get more than 45 minutes in a row going before having to take a break. Why does this keep happening, I asked Tim? Why can't I get my book on? He kindly put his book down and said sagely, "Cuz you don't have sunglasses, my darling. Like I do. Like everyone on this beach does." Then he smiled at me, lifted his book towards his smug, sunglass covered face and carried on in the task that I so jealously wanted to participate in.

And that is why, intraweb, this week I will be heading to see my friendly, neighborhood optometrist, Krissy Klass (Book her now, people! Spots are filling up fast) to order sunglasses. The biggest, most beautiful, most expensive sunglasses that they carry.

And I will send Tim the bill.

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