Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joy School

Joy.. by Ayham Al-Hamwi
Joy.., a photo by Ayham Al-Hamwi on Flickr.

When my kids were small, I often used TV time as a way to catch some z's (Yes, it was D minus parenting, at best, but a girl had to get some sleep somehow, yeah?) Those few moments when I could close my eyes and quietly recharge my batteries were bliss and thanks to PBS Kids programming, I was able to do it with the possibly-misguided sense that even for this one half-hour, my kids were learning without my having to actively engage them with educational toys on our un-vacuumed carpet. Success!

One day, as I was drifting in and out of sleep, I heard the following exchange on a show my son was watching called BIG TRUCKS (the caps are NOT mine. Those last ones were but the one's from the title were not, so....oh, you know what I mean!):

Truck #1: I’m so big. While these men are up in my basket, two firefighters are working on me down below.

Truck #2: Wow! Lucky!

Unbelievable. And to think, if I had been asleep, I'd have missed that entirely. From that day forward, I made a vow to myself that I would always look for something ordinary to elevate my day. Some days it's the way the breeze blows life into a shirt on a clothesline. Or the feeling you get when you know your workout is over. Neil Pasricha touched on it in his great book, The Book Of Awesome, and it's a torch that everybody would do well to pick up. Searching out joy in the every day is a gift that has lent unprecedented pleasure to my life. And I have a dirty-talking truck to thank for it. Thank you, Universe!

Here are just a few things in which I've found joy over the past week.

This is the spoon I use to stir my morning tea. It's an original Gerber baby spoon that I got at the auction for $5. I had to buy all of these

in order to get it. It was worth it.

This made me laugh.

This was delicious. And perfectly green inside.

Find your joy now, dammit!

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