Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Urge

Every 6 months or so, I get the overwhelming urge to paint a room in my house. Usually, it is a symptom of a larger issue that I don't really figure out until I am halfway through my painting project and by then it is too late to address it with mindless pillow shopping or creative eating.

This time it is my kids' playroom. Presently, it is a light purple - a delightful colour! - but the room is seriously crying out to be yellow. Mellow Yellow by Debbie Travis Paints, to be precise. Which is why after this post, I am heading to the pain store - did I just write that! I meant "paint" -to start this Projet Follie.

The last time I did an insane and badly-timed project was when I painted my porch at my old house in Toronto. I had just given birth to my daughter six weeks before and even though I was leaking through my shirts and peeing everytime I bent over or coughed, I just knew it was the right time to paint that damned porch. It took me two weeks. I did a little bit every nap time. Silly.

But, HOT DAMN! It looked good.

Let's hope that this one is not nearly as ill-inspired. I'll keep you posted.

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