Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mad Woman

Don Draper
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Last Sunday, there was only one thing I should have been doing: watching the season premier of Mad Men. The only thing. What was I doing instead? Watching a re-run episode of X-Weighted on the Slice channel.

This is wrong. On so many levels.

Now comes the real bitching.

I cannot get the show of Mad Men. Why, you may ask? How has this complete injustice occured? Why must Laura be denied? Because CTV decided not to carry it and my satellite provider does not host its American host channel, AMC. Sigh.

Who do I have to sleep with at Bell Express Vu to make this, I ask you? Who?!

I expect names to be provided in the comments section.


  1. Laura, I hope I'm not too late, there is no need to whore yourself out!
    You can buy it on itunes, or some free download sites to try are casttv.com or surfthechannel.com.

  2. Coming this fall, Laura Francis stars in "Mother, May I Sleep With the Enemy?" on Slice TV. A woman driven mad by entertainment deprivation has an illicit affair with an executive from the wrong side of the cable wars. Featuring a soundtrack by Bonnie "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Tyler. Also starring Cloris Leachman as Crazy Granny.

  3. That is soo funny. I would watch that though....