Friday, July 31, 2009


Dear Deer- That-Hit-my- Car-on-New-Year's-Day-and-Whose-Memory-Still-Haunts-Me-Like-an-Episode-of-the-Ghost Whisperer-

Why can't I quit you? Why is that every time I get in my car to drive somewheres I see you smashing into my grill at 80 clicks an hour? For the love of Pete, it was 8 months ago!

I thought I did everything right. I gave up the car we murdered you in. I made peace with your Maker. So why do I see you everywhere? Maybe, you have the same agent as Amy Adams. She's everywhere, too.

Maybe this will help. I'm sorry, we hit you. I wish it were otherwise. Thank you for not smashing into the windshield and killing my family.

Now go away. Now.

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