Friday, September 14, 2012

Trend Spotting. You're Welcome.

Of late, I have noticed a trend among menfolk in the western world. I have spotted it in city centres on a Friday night, on my Sunday morning hikes, in the line up at Canadian Tire and atop tractors in the corn fields near my house (Just so you know, the trend-spotting that I do for you never, ever stops. I am constantly on the look out for what's hot, what's not, what's up, what's down. It is an obligation that is a blessing for you and an exhausting curse for me. Just wanted you to know)
This trend knows no age barrier or demographic limitations. It is favoured by the tall and the short, the wealthy and the less financially favoured. The only common denominator to these diverse if misguided folk is that they are all, to one, "barber-challenged". I am speaking – through clenched teeth and tearful eyes – of the comb-forward.
For those you unfamiliar with the phenomenon, a comb-forward is when a man, self-conscious of his balding pate, combs the hair on the back of his head up, forward and over his flesh-flashing dome in the mistaken belief onlookers will say, "Wow, look how thick and lustrous that man's hair is! " as opposed to: "Oh look – that man has a comb-forward. Jesus H. Christ." Donald Trump is the best known and most extreme example of phenomenon and his technique - which could be a comb-over or a candy floss machine that emits hair instead of delicious hair-like candy strands -  has taken on near skyscraper proportions. In fact, according to architectural insiders, it was the inspiration for Ai Weiwei's Bird's Nest.

Gentlemen, I'm calling time on these ridiculous attempts to disguise disappearing hairlines and encroaching scalp. I am going to go out on a limb and say the following: balding does not make a man look bad. Attempts to cover up balding, however, do. In fact, I would say that they are insulting to the average person's intelligence. Do you think the world is fooled by your masterful hair disguise? Any woman worth her salt would rather spend sexy times with a man who knows he doesn't have a lot of hair than one who foolishly believes that she doesn't notice that his own hair is wrapped around his head like a turban. 

Let me be even more plain: I would rather be squired around town by Ed Harris look-alike than the Donald any day of the week.
So chaps, consider this page a cease and desist order, that you cease fretting about this whole balding thing – and you may as well, it does come to many of you in the end – and that you desist trying to disguise it. And yes, this is legally binding.
Thank you for letting me get this off of my chest. And t-shirt-wearers-who-also-wear-scraves? Consider yourselves on notice!  


  1. I believe that we, as humans often know when something is just plain wrong, but are often powerless to do anything about it. The comb-over or forward, plumber butt and the day I was at the dentists and some parents brought in their brood. "Payson, Mayson, Grayson and Jayson...all with a y." then waited (with the same pause as a comedian awaiting mild applause before continuing the set) for the receptionist to pipe up with "Oh that's so clever! The names all rhyme! And with super clever spelling too!" We know it's wrong, but we are somehow powerless to stop ourselves and oblivious to the mocking of the outside world. Dont get me started on purse dogs and Guy Fawkes masks!

  2. Hahaha! Y'all must have read my mind. I had a sexy encounter with a guy who looked like a young bald Franco Harris. I licked the top of his bald head and it was on! Bald is sexy. Sweep-overs are scary.

    Those strands look like they belong to the Crypt Keeper, and he rents them out. That thing on Trump's head looks like it's alive 'cause I swear I saw it move one time. Um, when my daughter worked at the T. Tower I told her to run if she ever saw him, and scream "It's alive!"

    Add the "K" girls to the list and I'm good to go.