Monday, May 2, 2011

Feeling....Groovy? Not So Much.

Nothing makes you feel like you are 100 years old like the following:

1) Falling asleep in front of the television at 9:30 PM. On a Saturday. Before your eight year-old does.

2) Buying a bottle of Crown Royal. For the bag.

3) Complaining to your kids about the size of the speed bumps in a traffic calming zone.

4) Using the word "Cripes". Or "Trousers". Or "Groovy", for that matter.

5) When your body wants exercise but your brain says stay home and read the paper.

6) When you buy something with the Heart Smart label at the supermarket and it gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

7) When you consider walking and talking multi-tasking.

8) You get teary listening to the national anthem.

9) You are using a duvet in May 'cause it's chilly in here, don't you find?

Anything to add, intraweb?


  1. - Hearing the music we enjoyed in our teens played on "Oldie" stations.
    - Realizing you've gone from usually being the youngest person involved in the things you like doing, to one of the oldest.
    - Finding yourself using the phrase "Back in the day..." in a non-sarcastic manner.
    - Looking at young people and thinking how dreadfully *young* they are, and then, even worse, realizing you've actually used the phrase "young people".
    - Hearing people you went to high school with talking about their grandkids.

  2. These are KILLING me! So good. And yet, so sad as well......