Monday, December 13, 2010

I Wish I Was......

For most, Christmas is a glorious time of year filled with festive cheer, present purchasing and wine-infused family get-togethers. I don't despise the holidays but it is a very busy time. Between the parties and the cards and Nutcracker-ing, it leaves me wishing that I were settling down for a long winter's nap. Oh, and by the way, when did December happen, anyway? It makes me want to play a round of my favorite aspirational game, "I Wish I Was...."

Here is what I came up with in just 2o minutes of play.

I wish I was.....

  • swimming in a warm body of water
  • smelling a newborn baby's head
  • having a nap
  • playing Scrabble
  • hiking on the AT
  • listening to a Nick Drake album
  • having a cafe allongee in a cafe in Paris
  • reading the new David Foster Wallace novel
  • playing footsie with my husband at a work-related function
  • singing in the car with my kids
  • laughing on a street corner with Cheryl and Jen until I wet my pants
  • waking up from a nap and then having another

So? Your turn.


  1. Yes! I wish we were laughing so hard, we were hugging the wall in a nondescript convention centre! Great list.

  2. hhmmm... top of my head:

    climbing the top of the 'wall' in durham forest and catching my breath on the downhill,

    floating in Lake Muskoka at dawn with mist on the water while everyone else is sleeping,

    seventeen again and singing around the campfire with good friends only to notice that the star speckled sky is being taken over by daybreak,

    clinking wine glasses with Jer in a jazz club in NY,

    skiing on the slopes at Sugarbush, Vermont...

    burying my toes in hot sand while my children giggle at the ocean's shoreline,

    sitting in my den while my husband strums his guitar; my kids in festive moods as Christmas break begins...

    Life was and is very, very good.