Sunday, September 19, 2010


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*** SPOILER ALERT( for my male readers only!) **** This post concerns waxing. Be Ye Forewarned......

Many moons ago, I told a friend that I had never done any waxing. I believe my exact words to her were, “I have never, ever waxed. I don’t have any intention of waxing. It sounds pointless and incredibly painful. So I am never going to do it.” I'm sort of unequivocal in that way.

Well, guess what? Now I know I was right. And the worst part, is that I cannot bask in my own self-righteousness because I am in too much pain.

Let me start at the beginning of my terrible judgement. A few days ago, I went to the pool to swim a few laps. I have gotten into swimming this summer after completing a 1.5 KM swim this summer and coming in fourth. Out of four. Sigh. Next year I wanna do better so, I have been pseudo-training -and by pseudo-training I mean heading to the pool only when my overwhelming shame from coming in last forces me there - in the hopes of doing a bit better next year. I'll take third, even.

Anyway, after my swim I realized that I had a bit of a Chewbacca thing going on in the leg area and I thought to myself that maybe, it was time to start waxing. I would be coming here more frequently, I surmised so why not try to look like I didn't just step out of the primordial mud.

So, I went to a place and the girl there, Natalie (may she burn in hell) convinced me that I should try a bikini wax, as well. What the hell, I figured. Why not? I was getting my legs done at a place that offered hair-ripping services, so why not go all the way.

Why not, indeed!

It wasn’t so much the the waxing itself — which was deeply undignified but not too painful — it was the horrifying, burning, swollen aftermath. It never occurred to me that I would need to heal after waxing. Perhaps because I am stupid.

I texted a friend who did this frequently and angrily asked the obvious. Why do you do this? Why does it hurt so much? Why hadn’t anyone told me?

But you’re smooth right?, she answered.
Yes, I replied. Like a plucked chicken with some sort of inflammatory disease. Screw you.


  1. i have never. and i will never. thank you.

  2. I've never understood the allure of waxing. Everything about the process just screams "This will be horribly painful!". But then, I knew a woman once who actually purchased and tried out an Epilady - remember those? They used a bent rotating coil of wire to tweeze and yank out the hairs as you ran them across your skin... I can't imagine which would ultimately be worse, that, or the all-in-one-yank method of waxing.

  3. EPILADY!!!!! I'd forgotten all about those! Torturous devices. How badly do we need to look like porn stars, I wonder? Clearly, having this area look like it has been detailed is a big thing these days. Now that I know, though, I shan't give in again.

  4. Jeebus, I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks after reading this..."may she burn in hell", thoughts exactly after being talked into a bikini wax in a moment of weakness and longing for that silky smooth look. Screw it, hairy or not, here I come! :)