Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life's Too Damn Short

Muffin Top
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This weekend, I spent a good deal of my time shaking my head at the universe and saying over and over to myself that, well, life's just too damn short for (insert appropriate caveat HERE).

Here are just a few things that I was able to come up with in 10 minutes:

- cold tea
- whiners
-stale chips
-mealy fruit
- muffin top
- lazy people
- shitty books
- pointless movies
- shoes that don't fit correctly
- idiot Prime Ministers
- deliveries that don't arrive when they say they will
- reruns
- worrying about things you can't control
- coffee tables you can't put your feet on
- jumping to conclusions
- root canal

Anything to add?


  1. - flight delays
    - moron drivers
    - Steve Carell-less The Office
    - wedding showers

    And thanks for the muffin top image. It'll haunt my dreams.

  2. pessimistic attitudes
    complaints about hot summer days after a long cold winter